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Branson Tractors

05 Series 21.5-24.7 hp

00 Series 24 hp

10 Series 24 hp

35 Series 58 hp

Branson Tractors

22-58 Horse Power

Up to 7 Years Powertrain Warranty Guaranteed

Branson Tractors has tractors ranging in horsepower from 22 to 58.  The 05 series has the 2205h tractor with 21.6 horsepower and the 2505h tractor with 24 horsepower. The 00 series tractors have 2 models available with manual transmission or hydrostatic transmission.  The 10 series has the 2610h model available with hydrostatic transmission and a 3-range shift. This tractor has 24 horsepower. The 15 series has 12 models available in manual and hydrostatic transmission with 25, 30, 35, 42, and 48 horsepower. Their 20 series tractors have 10 models with 4 range transmission with a choice of manual or hydromax HST, and ROPs or CAB  available with air conditioned and heated cabs.  The 35 series has the 5835R model with Electronic draft control for the 3 pt lift.  Each model has a loader and backhoe available as well.