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Order Pickers


Rated at 2,200 lbs.

Applications: Warehousing, Furniture Picking, Piece Picking, High Level Picking

Increase operator comfort, while making your warehouse a more productive place with UniCarriers OP Order Picker Series. The OP Series offers its users simple, secure picking through its innovative Ergolift design. This unique, integrated system allows operators to raise or lower the pallet to a comfortable height while picking or placing loads using a secondary mast located on the fork side. With easier access to the load carrier, operators won’t need to bend while stacking or retrieving product, helping prevent excessive back stress often associated with this type of work. Its heavy-duty protective railing encloses the platform to eliminate the need for a tether and harness. Offered in two models and a choice of nine mast heights, the OP Series features a robust three-stage, high visibility mast and is available with load lift heights of up to 355 inches (9 meters).

  • Adjustable dual ergonomic control pods deliver precise operation and a comfortable fit
  • Designed for operator security and freedom of movement — no need for a harness and tether
  • Obstruction-free platform floor
  • Exceptional stability when operating at high picking height
  • Thick, cushioned floor mat that floats on vibration isolators
  • Ergolift independent fork lift — a secondary lift mast ensures the load remains at the ideal height
  • Welded solid steel frame
  • One-piece, solid channel leg bases
  • Contoured railing allows easy sliding of picked items onto pallet
  • 24-volt DC electrical system with transistor drive controller
  • Chill store design: for temperatures down to +34°F (+1°C)
  • Regenerative braking
  • Straight steering indicator
  • Electronic power steering
  • Battery discharge indicator
  • Cantilever overhead guard with Plexiglas mast guard
  • Spacious operator platform
  • Battery compartment rollers
  • Adjustable fork width: maximum 31.5″ O.D. fork spread
  • Vulkollan poly drive tire and load wheels